Simple Slouch Knit Along // My Finished Hat!

I may have had to bribe him with some chocolate to get him to pose for the photos, but the hat is done, and Owen loves it! He wore it long after the photos were taken, which is a definite sign of success!

How did your Simple Slouch Hats turn out? I'd love to share some finished photos here on the blog next week - be sure to hashtag your projects #simpleslouchKAL on Instagram so I can add them to the gallery of Simple Slouch goodness!

And for those of you that made your first hat, congrats! Hat making isn't near as hard as it's made out to sound, and now that you've mastered some of the basics of hat construction, you can move on to something a bit more "advanced beginner", as it were.

Coming up in late March or early April, we'll be doing that together, here on the blog again, with another one of my beginner-friendly hat patterns, so stay tuned for that! Thanks for knitting along!


  1. This is one of my favorite patterns! I've made so many of these. I must say, you have a really cute model :)


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