Word Tasting Tour 2015

I'm so excited to share the next big book tour happening with Asymmetrical Press - Word Tasting Tour 2015!

For those new to this space, Asymmetrical Press published my book She Makes Hats last March, and is comprised of a great group of writers who are super passionate about words, writing, and the medium of books.

Most of last year saw two of Asymmetrical's founders touring around the USA (and a few stops across the globe as well!) in support of the book Everything That Remains. They're taking that model and scaling it to be more manageable, and probably a bit more fun, by inviting more authors on the road with them, stopping at a smaller number of cities, and touring for a shorter amount of time.

From the website:

Not just a book reading, not just another event—a meaningful experience. Asymmetrical Press’ team of talented authors is hitting the road in May and June for a WordTasting Tour across the western United States and Canada. From minimalism and travel to storytelling and humor, this tour provides a taste of something for everyone.
Join Colin Wright, Josh Wagner, Shawn MihalikSkye Steele, and special local guests for an evening of WordTasting: readings, stories, live music, questions, and answers. Plus special guests Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists will host and read at most events (see full schedule for details).
Admission to each two-hour event is free. So are the words. Come get a taste of something simple, unique, indie.

The tour is taking place on the West Coast for the most part, touching into Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado as well as Montana, so I won't be able to attend any of the dates (sad! tears!), but if you're anywhere near any of the events, you should make a point to attend.  These guys are true class acts, their writing is above and beyond amazing, and they give free hugs at the end of every event.

Visit the website for more information, a list of dates and specific cities, and to learn everything you can about these amazing authors!