Mandalas For Marinke

Recently, the craft community lost a very bright light. Marinke, known as Wink, lost her battle with depression. People throughout the craft community have been mourning this loss all week, and joining together under the hashtag #mandalasformarinke to do something about it.

Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence has begun a mandala collection project, asking crafters to use one of Wink's patterns to make a mandala in her memory. These mandalas will all be added to both a book and an art show, discussing both the life and work of Marinke, as well as bringing awareness to the illness that is depression and hopefully helping others who suffer to find solace, community, and support.

Once the art show is done, Kathryn hopes to donate all the mandalas in Wink's honor, and is researching ways to do that!

I made the above mandala earlier in the week. I have never actually made a  mandala before, so I chose the simplest of Wink's patterns - turns out it works just like the top part of a crochet hat!! I will be mailing this out (hopefully Monday) to Kathryn to add to her project, and am hopeful she will get more mandalas than she knows what to do with for this project!

If you'd like to contribute, simply choose one of Wink's mandala designs here (I used her Standard Mandala Pattern), and make a mandala using the yarn you have on-hand. Then head to Kathryn's post about the project (found here) for mailing instructions and an address. She's asking you to provide a bit of information with your mandala, so be sure to read the full post before packing your mandala up!

Whether you make a mandala or not, you should have a look on Instagram at the hashtag #mandalasformarinke. It's beautiful to see so many people already crafting in her memory.


  1. so sad, i didnt know her until i heard about her death..just really sad..poor thing..


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