nesting || for the love of my deck

I am not by any means a good photographer. I actually have like three images I seem to re-create and post over and again - the "knit wear on my deck" photo being the most prevalent. But here's the deal - I love our little deck. To be clear, I didn't always love our little deck - in fact, I sort of thought it was gross and wished we didn't have it. Then Zach power-washed it.


Turns out, the deck actually was pretty gross. Our back yard faces north, and where our deck is there is approximately no direct sunlight. This means that a decade of rain and snow with all that moisture just sitting there, not getting burned away by the sun, left the deck a little less than gorgeous. But a quick wash to get the grime off, and she's looking super amazing!

In fact, I love her so much I've been using the back deck INSTEAD OF the front porch for all my knitting photos lately! No direct sunlight to contend with, a standard look, and it's just right there, out the back door, five seconds and done!

Such a small thing, but I cannot help myself. As I lean into this coming fall season, I've decided to take time to appreciate the little things. Fall is incredibly busy for us, and for a number of reasons this fall even more than others. Rather than let myself get all worked up and stressed out, I'm choosing to lean in to the crazy and the excitement and the busy. I'm fluffing little corners and not worrying about the rest. I'm pulling out tights and getting Lou some bigger socks. I'm throwing open the windows and stocking my knitting bag. And I'm loving on my back deck!!


  1. Now that I've started by own 1000 hats for Syria mission, I've been trying to take pictures on my patio since they look so much better outside. And for the past 2 days it's rained! So my little stack of baby hats is just getting bigger and bigger while I wait for another sunny day! :)

  2. I rather love your deck too --and your knitting ; )


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