Jan 11, 2016

slowly but surely

It's taking longer than usual, but I'm slowly but surely getting both knitting and reading time in. I began my student teaching assignment last Tuesday, and even though I'm having such a great time and learning SO MUCH about teaching (middle school rules!), I find myself ready to drop into bed the minute Owen and Lou are asleep at night!

I can already feel this shifting just a bit, and I know that in a few short weeks getting up so early and doing so much every day will feel totally normal to me. My new normal. But this past week, and the weeks to come I am promising to be gentle on myself. And that means less knitting and reading than I was getting done over the holiday.

Slowly but surely I am plugging away at my goals. One more hat off the needles and another started, and a page here and there during silent reading at school (which the students do for 20 minutes every day!!) means I can see some progress amid the chaos, and that feels good.

Jan 1, 2016

new year, new goals

Happy new year!! It's been quite a few months since I've written here - I needed the break, whether I knew it or not! Now that the new year is upon us, I'm setting a few goals for myself, and am hoping to hop back here onto the blog on occasion and share my progress!


This is a big one, but it is also my only knitting goal for the year. I've got a closet full of yarn to contend with, and I'm hoping to turn most of it into Sandoval hats sized for babies that I can donate locally. We've got an amazing hospital down the road that is always in need of hats, and so I'm hoping the bulk of my acrylic yarn will be made into these tiny hats for some little ones being born this year.

ETA: I've adjusted this goal slightly. I'll still be knitting many Sandoval hats, but I have expanded my goal to just be donating 100 items. This will help me meet the needs that are most urgent, and hopefully use up s much of my stash, as quickly as possible.


Now that I've got my glasses back on my face on a regular basis, I've been reading at an almost frantic pace. I'm sure that will slow a bit starting next week when I head into the classroom as a 7th grade English student teacher (!!!!), but I'm hopeful that between summer break, the books the kids are reading, and my "spare time", I'll be able to knock out all the books on my shelves and my Kindle, as well as pick up some new finds.

My reading goal will be documented here on the blog, thanks to the fact that Goodreads will automatically post my reviews to the blog!! Hooray for not having to think too much and still share content! I'll share weekly (hopefully) updates on my Sandoval progress here on the blog as well.

But as always, the best (and fastest) way to see where I'm at with my goals is to head to my Instagram. I'm there every day, sharing photos and updates on life, knitting, reading, and all that good stuff!