Jul 17, 2016

For the Cowdrey Care Center

Pattern: The Every Beanie, by Corina Gray (free Ravelry download)
Yarn: various, all acrylic, all worsted weight
Hook: size I/9 - 5.5mm

The last few weeks has seen us at the doctor's office more often than I'd like. With all that time comes more hats made, and I've fallen in love with one crochet hat pattern in particular. The Every Beanie is made with worsted weight yarn and a size I/9 hook, and I've adjusted it so that it has ribbing on the edge, using FPDC and BPDC.

The hats all fit a wide variety of heads, which is nice. The pattern comes with just one size, and so I altered a few of the hats to make them small enough to fit Louise. The regular size fits Owen, myself, and Zach all comfortably, so these are perfect for donation!

I've already dropped this batch off to the Cowdrey Care Center, which is the Oncology center at Nebraska Medicine. The hospital is just blocks away from us, and does amazing things, so I love being able to donate there.

Plus? I've already got another bag half full, so I should be able to donate again soon!