Feb 16, 2018


To be clear, I know one of the teachers who survived the most recent school shooting. We chat teacher things via Instagram messages frequently. So as some of you begin rallying around the "don't take our guns" rhetoric in the next few days, remember this.

I teach.

I show up to work everyday, not sure if it will be my last day.

I practice "active shooter" drills with my students several times a year.

I keep my cabinets in my classroom largely empty - not because I don't want to fill them with tons of amazing books and materials my students can use to learn amazing things, but because I want to have places to hide twelve-year-olds.

I don't think about these things everyday. But I do think about them.

Do you deserve the right to own guns when I have to discuss how I will stuff my students into cabinets if someone comes into our school with a gun?

Do you deserve the right to own guns when I spend time EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. comforting students who are scared this will be their last school day due to an active shooting?

Are your wants worth more than the basic human rights and NEEDS of millions of children?

Tuesday is our next day back at school.

On Tuesday, we will be reading poetry.

On Tuesday, I will remind my students I love them enough to put their safety before mine.

On Tuesday I will check to be sure I have enough room in my cabinets for 26 almost-teenage bodies.

Think of me on Tuesday, gun owners.