People have been asking lately how they can get involved in this fun project/quest of mine! First, thanks so much for wanting to be part of this amazing hat-venture! When I started making hats, I never thought I'd end up making so many of them, or that hat-making would connect me with some of the most amazing folks I've ever met. I'm honored that so many of you want to get involved.

Here's a few simple and easy ways you can be part of the She Makes Hats story:

1. Join in on my latest charity drive! I'm always encouraging people to make hats and give them away, and I love to give you simple ways to do so. I've always got at least one charity hat drive going (sometimes I'm collecting the hats, sometimes you just send them on directly to the charity), so check the sidebar to see links to where you can send hats!

2. Pick up a copy of the book. Once you've read it, I'd love it if you left a review on Amazon.

3. Check out one of my hat patterns. I charge a nominal fee for each of my patterns - 100% of the money from these pattern sales goes to build schools so that all children have access to education.

You can always contact me at - I love to get to know new folks!