Oct 11, 2011

featured sponsor: Knit Nicole, Knit!

I'm super happy to introduce you all to Nicole today!

My name is Nicole, and I've been knitting for half my life. I started doing craft shows when I was about 16, and started blogging at 19. I try to keep up with my knitting projects there, but at times, I knit quicker than I can blog. I started an Etsy shop just under a year ago, and have made a few sales. I am trying to get my hand knits into some brick and mortar stores, as well as sell more through Etsy.

I follow just over 400 blogs, and I find lots of inspiring photos and posts on there. My current favourites are (warning: some links may contain photos that are NSFW) Bizarrely NeutralSara Takes Over The World!Dashed Lines, and, of course, Minimalist Knitter. I am also inspired by the music I listen to. My current play list includes CloverjoyCobra & Vulture, and Fall Out Boy remixes.

My birthday comes 10 days after Christmas, so my holiday season is extended longer than most. I love that I can see my friends from out of town who come home for the holidays. I love seeing my extended family members, and how much some of my younger cousins have grown. Other than the usual family stuff, I absolutely love that in the months before, there are always craft shows/bazaars/flea markets with tons of hand made items for sale.

I try to buy handmade for as many people as possible every year, and these make my life easier and less stressful. Lastly, living in the northern hemisphere means there is snow over the holidays. I love snow. I love cold weather. I love being able to snuggle under a bunch of blankets and watch silly Christmas movies.

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