Oct 10, 2011

help me send some hats to a chicago food pantry!

a few weeks ago, i sent off a box full of hats to a ravelry friend who lives in Chicago. last year Kathie knit about 60 hats for her neighborhood food pantry, for their annual Christmas party thrown for the kids who use the food pantry all year.

as she dropped them off, she was informed over 1,000 kids would be attending the party that year.
overwhelmed by the tremendous need in her area of Chicago (this food pantry is one of many that serve the Chicago area), she set a goal to have as many hats for these kids at their 2011 Christmas party as she could!
i heard about her mission on a Ravelry charity board, and immediately started knitting. i had several hats already finished that were intended for charity, and so i added those to the pile and sent off around 20 hats to Kathie, and then began all over again.

with such a huge need, i'm asking those of you who read this space that also knit or crochet to jump in and help me out - there's a lot of need here, but i'm confident we can blow Kathie away with our donations!
want to help me knit some hats for Chicago kids? here's a few helpful guidelines Kathie shared with me:

** Any type of yarn fiber, yarn color, or hat size are needed. There will be kids at this party ranging from toddlers to older teens, and both boys and girls will show up, so any and every type of hat is needed!

** They expect at least as many kids to attend the party as this year. Chicago's unemployment rate is huge right now, as many industries are still laying folks off.

** The party usually happens the first Tuesday in December, so Kathie will need all hats by the end of November - that gives us a month of serious knitting to get as many hats to her as possible!

i'll be sharing photos of the hats i'm knitting for her over the next few weeks, as well as linking to some great free patterns you can use. if you're interested in helping out, you can either send her a message on Ravelry (her Rav name is kathied5732) or you can e-mail me at rmcdevine@gmail.com for her address.

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