Oct 18, 2011

i'm part of gussy sews holiday guide!

hooray for the holiday season starting! this season i took the plunge and got involved in Gussy Sews holiday gift guide! i'm featured along with a bunch of other amazing shops, and will be selling finished knits along with made-to-order items between now and the end of December!

Right now I've got bunches of Simple Slouch hats listed ready to ship in the Minimalist Knits shop, and I've begun listing made-to-order items.

First in the shop ready to be made for you is the Casey Cowl, and in the next two weeks I'll be adding several more cowls and scarves, as well as bunches of hats!

I'm most proud, however, of the way I'm giving back this year through my shop ... for each item purchased, a like item will be donated to charity. This means if you purchase a hat, I'll also knit a hat to donate. If you purchase a cowl, a cowl will be donated to charity. And so on, and so forth.

In this way, I hope to do some good this holiday season while also bringing hand-knits to homes around the country (and maybe the world)!

1 comment:

  1. I really like that you are doing buy one and give one to someone in need! I think more places need to do this. Especially during the cold winter. Your stuff is so cute :)