Oct 17, 2011

simple knits :: power to the pom hat

i'm reviving my Simple Knits feature, with a small twist - where i used to feature items i had knit from simple patterns, i'm going to start featuring patterns i've found that would be great simple knits, whether i've gotten to knit them yet or not!

i've just now discovered Sans Limits Crochet, and i'm head over heels in love! sara's knit and crochet patterns are amazing, and each one fully fits my minimalist leanings to a tee! i had a hard time choosing just one of her patterns to feature, but her power to the pom hat won me over. i love the texture of the hat, and the huge pom at the top makes me want to whip one up for myself now!

the power to the pom hat is a free ravelry download, and thanks to it's bulky yarn and size 13 needles, you can have this hat whipped up in a matter of hours!

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