Oct 26, 2011

owen's room tour

welcome to owen's room!

while he doesn't spend a ton of time in here yet, but we love it and i'd like to think he loves it, too! it's a small room, but it's got everything he wants!

on the east wall,we've got his little dresser (just three drawers is all he needs!) with his changing pad on top and my favorite poster EVER (bought from Sycamore Street Press). on the north wall, his book case, already growing full with books and toys, but still with plenty of room for more!

next to his bookshelf, these hooks hold his Husker outfits and his cool-guy jackets!

above the door!

and next to his crib, photos of the people who love him most! we took these photos during his first few days of life, and we'll change them out over time as he grows. the photos show him with his grandparents, his aunt and uncles, and his godparents. perfect!

like i said, small room, but full just the right amount with the stuff that will keep him happy, healthy, clothed and loved!

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