Oct 27, 2011

thanks to pinterest :: my fall wreath

are you on pinterest? do you find yourself, like me, pinning things left and right and then doing nothing with them? while it's wonderful to have a space full of inspiration to look at, i've decided it's time to take those hundreds (thousands?!) of pins i've been saving and do something with them!

my first attempt at this was to FINALLY make a fall wreath for our door!

if i'm being honest here, i'll have to admit i've had the foam wreath form i used for at least two years! i bought it to make a yarn-wrapped Christmas wreath several years ago and never got around to it. then i was going to make a bunch of poms and tie them around it, and i never did. finally, i decided i wanted to put a wreath on my door already, and so i hunkered down, found a few tutorials on Pinterest, and got to work.

when i finally got down to doing it, the wreath was super simple to make. i just grabbed some brown yarn i've had in my stash forever, and wrapped. and wrapped. and wrapped. to add a bit of color interest i wrapped some red yarn around one section, and then made some flowers.

the flowers were the easiest part of the wreath, to be honest! i picked up four sheets of felt at the craft store and followed the tutorial from Lines Across My Face, which i found ... on Pinterest! i glued them down and then hung the wreath!

as an added bonus, i not only managed to actually  make something i've pinned in Pinterest, i also knocked something off my 12 By 2012 list!

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