Oct 24, 2011

twelve by 2012

who here likes to make goals? to write lists and cross things off once they're done? i LOVE LOVE LOVE to do both those things, and thanks to Jena over at Modish i've found a fun way to get a few things done between now and the end of the year!

the twelve by 2012 project is the brainchild of danni over at oh, hello friend! she's a big fan of goals and lists as well, and decided to challenge herself to get a few things crossed off her list before the end of the year. and because everyone loves to have their friends play along, she invited anyone and everyone to do just that!

i'm super excited to jump in and play along with this - now that Owen's a few months old we're getting into a rhythm and i'm excited to start getting a few things done other than snuggling and smiling and practicing rolling over.

here's my twelve things i'd like to accomplish by 2012:
  1. knit through my Land's End bag of yarn.
  2. finish the sweater for Zach. before his birthday.
  3. switch to cloth diapers during the day.
  4. knit up at least five soaker covers.
  5. run at least 3 miles at a time without stopping, while talking to someone who is running next to me.
  6. office clean-out and reorganization.
  7. set up my three main binders (christmas, knitting patterns, crochet patterns)
  8. finish the fall wreath and hang it on the door. done 10/27/11
  9. finish updating and re-issuing all Minimalist Knits patterns.
  10. get the "first month" baby book done.
  11. knit 50 squares for Knit-A-Square.
  12. clean out our closet.
what are your plans between now and the end of the year? i'm excited to cross all of these off in the next 69 days, and plan on sharing more about each of them as i cross them off! if you want to follow along with my goals, i'm tagging every "twelve by 2012" post with the "12by2012" tag - look for it in the sidebar list of tags and click!

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