Oct 23, 2011

two months with owen

our little man is two whole months old today!

in the last month you have ...
  • learned to love hand-knits, for the most part
  • figured out how to smile and laugh, and decided for yourself what is funny and what isn't. currently on your list of funny: someone eating your toes, the word "papoose", anything your grandma Mimi does.
  • gone from eating two ounces at a time to eating four.
  • had to have your first round of shots. NOT your favorite!
  • decided to fight sleep at around 7pm every night. for about 15 minutes your cries are the most dramatic and ridiculous, and then you pass out exhausted.

what a great month!  dad went back to working full-time, leaving you alone with me during the day. we've taken to being home together like champs, you and i - we play on the floor, have knit up tons of stuff for charity, and have practiced sleeping in the crib.

while you still prefer being held over hanging out on the floor, in your crib, or anywhere else, the world is getting more and more interesting to you, and being held isn't cutting it like it used to. you'd rather be held facing out, and have so much fun exploring new spaces with your eyes. this month alone you've gotten to figure out your Aunt Melanie and Uncle Mike's house, the mall, the pumpkin patch, and Kohl's!

as you eat more, you're sleeping for longer stretches - four to five hours at a time at night, much to mama's delight! during the day you fight sleep and take shorter naps - there is so much to do and see, you can't be bothered with sleep! when you're awake you wiggle almost constantly, like you've got places to go and if you could only figure out how to coordinate your limbs, you'd already be on your way there!

the ceiling fan is still your favorite toy, but your bears (on the mobile) are quickly taking their place in your heart as well!

everyone who meets you falls in love with you - not only are you adorable, but you are quite the charmer! you throw smiles, coos, and laughter around like candy for everyone around you, and everyone immediately falls in love with you!

you still: curl your feet up, keep your fists clenched, and curl your legs up into you like a newborn. all your other newborn-isms have given way to full-on baby behavior though, and it's amazing to watch! your curious personality is so fun to both your dad and i - we love to watch as you experience new things!

this next month should be super fun - from Halloween to fall hitting Omaha in full force, you'll get to meet a bunch of new people and experience so much more for the first time. little man, we're super happy you're in our family!

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