May 9, 2012

baby gadgets we're loving

Not that long ago, I posted a few baby shower gifts I love to give on repeat. Meredith commented that she'd love to know some of the gadgets and products we're using now that Owen's a bit bigger - great idea!

Aside from the items on that baby shower list (we still use most of them daily!) a few of the products we're loving include:

one. Netflix Instant. You can stream movies and television shows direct through your gaming system (or television!), and now they've got a special "kids-only" section!

two and three. Cell phone with a good quality camera and Instagram. Now that Instagram is on Android phones as well, I've been loving documenting much of our time together during the day via this handy little app.

four. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo. Owen rocks out in this bad boy while we eat, as well as whenever he's got some extra energy to expend.

five. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks. Owen loves to dump the blocks out of this bucket, toss them all around, and knock over any towers I try to build! He hasn't decided to fit any back into the slots yet, but that's not far off!

six. Mini Roller Coaster (we have a similar one).

What are some of the products you love/d using with your baby?

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