May 23, 2012

nine months with Owen

Oh my amazing little man, I cannot believe you are already nine months old! This past month has been full of so much joy and so many changes, I simply can't believe you've packed it all into just 31 days!
This month has bee full of expression and vocalization for you. Trying to get a photo of you in a hat is an exercise in futility - all the photos look something like the one above! (That onesie no longer fits, by the way).
You've moved up a size in clothes, solidly in nine month sizing now. Of course, your waist is so skinny that all your shorts slide right off your butt - thank goodness for adorable onesie outfits!
Favorites this month include:
  • your toes
  • your binkie
  • blowing bubbles
  • both your grandmas
  • when daddy comes home from work
  • the first 30 minutes of Jimmy Neutron
  • snuggles in the morning
Owen tub 1
Owen tub 2
This month also marks your move from the baby tub to the regular bath tub. We decided it was time when you started to pull yourself to standing using the side of the big tub, and leaning completely out of your baby tub to watch the water drain out and down the big tub drain.
I guess some kids have a hard time with this transition? You seem to have taken to it without much fuss, playing with your toys like nothing has changed!
This month has also brought about a bit of temper. You are approximately 30 seconds away from crawling, and you know it. You want to be on the move worse than anything else, and the fact that you are still stuck sitting around makes you so mad it's almost funny. You get yourself up on your haunches and rock back and forth, scooting backwards a bit even before flopping onto your tummy and freaking out.
Oh little man, I wish for your sake that you learn to crawl soon. I know you'll be everywhere, and into everything, and I'll spend my days chasing after you and growing more and more tired - but oh how you long for mobility and I want that for you so bad!
Nine month collage
Out and about is your favorite place to be. On the way to the park, at the mall, in restaurants and always moving.
You love to lounge with dad and play with yarn, and you are warming up to the idea of grass. Slowly.
We have to give you your own spoon now when we feed you, as you want to do it yourself. Even if you can't actually get any food in your mouth yet, you fling that spoon around like you're the boss. We've started giving you little bits of whatever we're eating, and you enjoy being able to try new things and feed yourself.
You have been part of this world as long as you were growing inside me, and it feels strange to know that. these nine months have been so amazing, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

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