Jul 10, 2012


Oh how I love the Harry Potter movies! I love the books as well, to be sure, but I get repeatedly swept away at how the differing directors have adapted each of the books I have read on repeat for over a decade now.

One of my favorite little bits of the movies is their use of hand knits. Movie after movie you see the Weasley family wearing a variety of knits Molly made, along with all the gorgeous hats the gals of Hogwarts wear as they get older. There's sweaters and scarves and mittens galore, but I can't help loving the wide variety of hats in each movie.

And I'm not the only knitter! Almost as quickly as the first movie hit theaters, knitters began writing patterns based on the knits in the movies. Nowadays you can find patterns all over the internet featuring the knits of Harry Potter - below you'll find as many of the hat patterns as I could find!
(Note: Many of these hats are based on those found in the movies. However, several of the patterns are made in honor of the movies, and are not hats featured on any of the characters.)

Hermione's Cable And Eyelet Hat. This hat was worn in the fifth film of the series, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.
Other versions of this hat pattern include:
Hermione's Godric's Hollow Hat. A favorite amongst hat pattern writers, this hat has been interpreted by a number of folks!
The Dobby Hat is super cute, and looks like the only one of it's kind right now. I love how the stripes use up leftover bits of yarn, and the whimsical quality means it would be perfect for kids. Look for it to show up on my needles soon!
The Parseltongue Hat is a gorgeous ode to the students of Hogwarts! Purchase-able from Ravelry, this hat nods to the slithering snake that upset so many folks in Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets!
Ron's Animal Crackers Hat is such a fun pattern! Worn in Prisoner Of Azkaban, this hat immediately reminds of the boys sitting around eating magical animal crackers that provide a bit more fun than their Muggle counterparts! You can find this pattern in Charmed Knits, but there are a few varieties available online as well:
Ginny Weasley's Goblet Of Fire Hat got only a few seconds of screen time, but it made quite an impact! Folks love whipping this hat up, as is evidenced by the number of patterns available.
The Wizardly Incognito Cap (Ravelry download) can be worn as a beanie as pictured above; it can also be worn without the brim, giving it a slight wizardly point! Perfect for the wizard making his or her way through Muggle society!
(note: The pattern does not get into detail on the striping and is for a solid-colored hat only.)
Hermione wore this Cables And Bobbles hat in the Prisoner Of Azkaban. You can view a version of the pattern in Charmed Knits, or you can use one of these Ravelry downloads:
One of my favorite has of the Harry Potter series has got to be this Weasley Ski Cap! I'm actually quite amazed more folks haven't tried to write up the pattern (this is the only other version I could find!) or knit it up. I may have to cast this one on as a Christmas gift or two in a variety of colors, I love it so much ... look for an official pattern review to come!

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