Jul 11, 2012

my contribution to the 100 beanie drive

I'm so excited to share with you my first official donation to the 100 Beanie Drive! Like I shared last week, Jess is collecting hats suitable for men that she'll be donating to the oncology center where her dad receives chemo.

I hopped on board instantly - I love knitting hats for men, as they are sorely under-represented in the charity knitting world! While I have plans to send Jess many more hats than just this one, I wanted to get my first one out the door as soon as it was off the needles.

So often I find myself stashing away hats to be sent off to a charity, only to discover them months later ... unsent. I didn't want that to happen with this hat, especially considering Jess's end date for collection being at the end of this month! Remember, you can always ship more later, so don't let those hats pile up unsent to charity because they're waiting for "just a few more" to fill the box up good and proper!

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