Jul 20, 2012

insta-life 7/20

In a few short days Owen will be eleven months old. I have no idea where this year has gone, but he is definitely no longer a baby! In the last week alone, we've seen up to six steps taken at a time without assistance - unreal!

A friend recently had a little boy, and so I've been going through all of Owen's newborn sized clothes to give her most of them. They decided not to find out the sex of the babe, so boyhood was a fun surprise - as was the fact that he was MUCH teenier than they'd expected him to be!

Brecken (side-bar, love the name!) weighs in exactly the same as Owen did, and I remember thinking I could put him in 0-3 month stuff until I tried to, and everything was ridiculous looking. Even half of his newborn clothes hung off of him for a month or so!

These are the only three things (minus one long-sleeve sleeper) I'm keeping around. If we have another kid, it will most likely NOT be due to pregnancy, and so keeping around teenie newborn clothes just doesn't make any sense. Especially when they can be put to good use right now by someone else.

While I am boxing up the newborn stuff to be given away, I've also found myself clearing through Owen's closet not once but TWICE in the last month. Kid is growing like a weed, thanks to a regular sleep schedule (we are Ferber parents ... start the hate mail now).

His sleep went from 4 wakings a night to one every three or four nights, and thanks to this he's eating like he'd never been fed before ... and you can see the difference! Yesterday I had him in 12-month shorts and they fit!

I also broke down and gave Owen a much more thorough hair cut this week. I've trimmed his bangs a bit before, but it was starting to get ridiculous so I went to town. Distracted by a bottle and Jimmy Neutron, I was able to get things almost totally even, trimmed around his ears, and his mullet removed. Now he looks like a toddler to me (and far too much like my little brothers!), which is both exciting and a bit sad - definitely no more baby now!

At some point we'll take him to one of those "kid cut" places, but he's such a wiggle worm right now it makes more sense to cut it in short bursts at home, where we can distract him and it's not a big deal if he's got half a hair cut for an hour!


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