Over the last few days I've read through Ev Bogue's living book Untether To Evolve. I've wanted to read this for a few months but haven't for any number of reasons - I was in the middle of other books, I didn't have the money in my account, I knew it would cause a strong reaction I wasn't quite ready for.

I was finally ready, and so I read. As I read, a few things became instantly clear.

* I am tethered to things that no longer serve me.

* It is time to let go.

I've been digging into the physical stuff I own at rapid-fire pace - culling even more yarn from my stash to give away, bagging up clothes I no longer want/need to take to the Good Will this weekend, tossing make-up I haven't used in YEARS.

I've been looking at the mental and emotional tethers I've held onto and started to make some pretty bold decisions there as well. I'm excited to tackle my current behaviors and mental processes one at a time over the next few months and clean house there as well.

And finally, I've been looking at my digital tethers. This is the place I knew would be the most tender, and the biggest reason I avoided reading this book.

Effective immediately,  I am shutting down the Facebook group, closing my Twitter, and taking a break from both Pinterest.

I'll still be posting here, but my posts will be focused on hats, hats, and more hats. No more personal stuff, as I want to focus on my life's calling in this space.

The Hat-tember project will continue as planned, of course!

We'll see how this experiment takes shape. My plan is to shut off all notifications on my phone, and only log on once a day. I'll be checking e-mail, sharing the hats I'm working on, updating my 10,000 hats count, and interacting only as much as is necessary. I'll be reading a few blogs still, hanging out in Ravelry like a mad woman, and otherwise going about my online business.

I am simply, and yet somehow dramatically, pulling away from the majority of that which drains me.

Questions? I'll answer them within the comments.


  1. Wow!

    Good luck, Robyn! Sounds like a very effective way to simplify (one of my goals).

    See you on Ravelry.

  2. I highly recommend you rethink this. Take a good, hard look at Ev Bogue before you give up your dream. Bogue has "published" two books this year, one about minimalist businesses, and is currently all over social networking websites begging for money. Bogue has never, ever, ever run a successful business. He is a good snake oil salesman, though.

    Untethering itself can be good, but it's not a concept Ev Bogue dreamed up. As with most of his other stuff, he's plagiarized the work of others.

    If you wish to truly evolve and grow, don't follow the bad advice of someone has been scamming people for years. Don't believe me, though. Google it, and you'll see what I mean.

  3. Tyler -

    Those are good thoughts. Unlike Ev, I'm not going to delete the work I've got here. I'm just taking a break, because I've lost all the joy I used to derive from this space.

    And also unlike Ev, I'm not trying to earn a living doing this. I simply want to knit hats and then give them away.

    I'm hopeful that by taking some time away I'll be able to refresh myself and figure out exactly how I want to share this project publicly.

    (chances are it'll involve coming back here sooner rather than later ...)

  4. Good to know. Thanks for replying and good luck to you.

  5. tyler ...

    i'd love to chat more with you about this via e-mail if you're okay with that ... rmcdevine@gmail.com

  6. Wow, Robyn, I can completely identify with you. Just this afternoon I was thinking that the things in my life that I state are most important are not always the things I spend the most time on and I decided that I was going to reevaluate how I am spending my time. Great post!

  7. Quite right Robyn, I totally understand where you're coming from. I haven't read Ev's book yet, but I sure would like to. I'm downsizing all the time - but my digital space is always quite a clutter. I find myself signing up to each new app and social media opportunity that pops up in front of me - but really, to engage with people, my work should speak for itself, and the way to do it, is to untether from all the nonsense, and get down to doing some GOOD WORK!

    I support you fully on your choices and on your amazing hat-making journey :)

    Katie. xxx

  8. Yeah. I dumped Twitter and Facebook awhile ago, and was a member of Pinterest for only two days before dumping that. All colossal wastes of time.

    No more photos of Owen here? Please say it isn't so.

  9. hope you dont shut this down..i love your hats and love that you are donating to the need...keep up the great work..
    love the baby pics...happy birthday to your little one..


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