hat-tember 23

pattern: Basic Beanie from Sweet Kiwi Crochet
yarn: I Love This Yarn (Hobby Lobby) in jelly bean sparkle; 135 yards  
hook: size I-9 / 5.5 mm

The end of the weekend is always a make-up free time for me. Truly most of this weekend was, but after so much going on it's nice to wash your face, do some laundry, snuggle while watching football (and drinking hot chocolate - yay!), unconcerned with how you look. Until you remember you're taking photos of yourself every day, and you haven't photographed today's hat yet. Oops! Thankfully, me without makeup usually just means me without mascara (I let my blemishes and one age spot show), so I don't think I look any different, just less eyelashes.


Just six days of hats left, and then I will have reached my goal of crocheting a hat a day for the Chicago Food Pantry! I'm still a bit short on my financial goal for Pencils Of Promise though - won't you hop over and donate if you're able?

 I'm crocheting a hat a day for Hat-tember 2012! Each hat will be donated to the Chicago Food Pantry, and I'm attempting to raise $750 for Pencils Of Promise at the same time! You can view posts from the entire project here.

Help me reach $750 this month by sponsoring this hat for just $25 - the cost of sending a child to school for a full year through Pencils Of Promise!