Dec 17, 2012

holiday knitting

Right now is such a quiet time on many knitter's blogs. We are all furiously crafting away for the holiday, trying to get just ONE MORE project done for family and friends! For my part I need to grab one more skein from my stash to finish up a hat, and then I somehow need to try to finish the entire back of an adult-sized sweater, do the collar, and pray that it fits.

That is to say, there are no photos today.

My projects over the last week or so have been for family and friends. I have been sharing them on Instagram, but if I post them here folks will see them ... and then know what they are getting! (spoiler alert, it's all hats!) Rather than force myself to express any of what I'm feeling about school shootings, gun violence, mental health issues, and in general the killing of other human beings, I'm opting for radio silence while I pour love into the things I'm making for others.

I'm excited to gift handmade for the holidays. I'm excited to knock a few more projects off my list between the holidays and the beginning of 2013. I'm excited for all that will be happening once the new calendar starts. And I'm so excited to share that all here! But for now? For now I knit and take photos that I can't quite share yet. I'll be back when I can!

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