Aug 19, 2014

a family of sweaters for winter

With my desire to ditch the sweatshop clothes this fall, and dress my family in ethically-made items, I've decided that maybe it's time I branch out a bit from hat making, and make a few family sweaters.

I've shied away from sweater-making in the past, thanks to two horrible experiences in a row attempting to make a sweater for my husband. And while I hope to make him a sweater this fall/winter as well, I'm starting a bit smaller, with sweaters for the kiddos and me. Dip my toes in, figure a few things out on some smaller pieces before I move on to his sweater.

With each of our sweaters, I already know I'm going to have to make a few modifications, but each should be easy enough that the sweaters shouldn't cause me too much stress.

First, there's Owlet for Lou. The smallest size has an 18" chest, which is just about where she's at right now, so I'm going to size it up one I think. That way she should be able to wear it a bit longer into the winter before I have to make her a new one. I plan to make this one with short sleeves, so she can wear it over a long sleeve onesie and not have the arm bulk get in her way as she learns to crawl soon (too soon for my liking, I think).

Then I'll make a Fisherman's Pullover for Owen. This little man is so skinny I'm going to make the smallest size for him, and then add length until it fits. Unless he decides to start eating like a linebacker anytime soon, this sweater should fit him all fall and winter long, which will be nice! I might make the ribbing on the sleeves start a bit sooner, so it's a bit longer. That way the sleeves won't droop on him, and will stay out of his way!

Finally (for now, at least), I want to make myself an Oatmeal Pullover. So many folks have already shared modification notes for this sweater, I'm just going to follow their suggestions and hopefully breeze right through this one! I love that it's made using a bit chunkier yarn, and that the millions of miles of ribbing should help it stay in place as I chase after my kiddos - both of whom will be mobile very soon, if Lou has her way!

I'll share as I knit each sweater, along with when each is done. And of course I'll still be knitting tons of hats this fall and winter, have no fear! What do you have on your needles for fall?


  1. I look forward to seeing your sweater work. I love the patterns you picked. It has been decades since I have knit anything other than baby/toddler sweaters.

  2. I made my first sweater this year - $5 in Paris - and now I'm looking for a more complex pattern. I was going to knit myself a sweater for my wedding, but then we moved the date up (I don't think I can plan a wedding in <3 months and knit a nice sweater!). Maybe after this wedding craziness I'll make myself an Oatmeal Pullover as well. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience with it!

  3. Many many more hats will be on my needles this fall. I also have a February Lady sweater on the needles for myself.
    Have you checked out She has many free patterns for children's sweaters. My fave is the Plain Vest