Aiden Cowl

This simple cowl can be made by anyone who can cast on, bind off, and perform the knit stitch!

Lately I’ve seen folks pinning pictures of cowls, rocking cowls in their outfit posts, and sharing their desire for cowls for the fall season. It didn’t take long for me to get sucked in, and quick as can be I grabbed a skein of yarn from my stash and whipped one up for myself.

Making one of your own is as simple as one skein of chunky yarn, some large needles, and a few hours of knitting time - and my new free pattern!

NOTE: Instructions for this cowl come with directions for making with three different weights of yarn. The specs below list all of those yarns, along with all the corresponding needle sizes. To make  your cowl, you will only need one type of yarn, and thus just one of the needle sizes.


One skein I Love This Yarn! Solids (100% acrylic; 355 yds / 325 meters per 198 grams)
One skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky (80% acrylic, 20% wool; 153 yards / 140 meters per 140 grams)
One skein Lion Brand Thick-N-Quick (80% acrylic, 20% wool; 108 yds / 99 meters per 170 grams)


One set size US 11 / 8.0 mm needles
One set size US 15 / 10.0 mm needles
One set size US 17 / 12.75 mm needles


Darning needle


7 sts x 16 rows = 4” thick n quick yarn
9 sts x 18 rows = 4” chunky yarn
12 sts x 22 rows = 4” worsted weight yarn


7.5” wide x 42” circumference


one size fits most adults



  1. Silly question, but did you knit with all 3 strands together??
    Thank you, and what a great pattern!!

    1. It appears according to the directions that we're being given 3 options to create the cowl from three different yarns and needle sizes. worsted would be the size 11 needles and the 25 stitch cast on, chunky would be the the size 15 needles and the 18 stitch cast on and the thick or super bulky yarn would be the size 17 needles and the 15 stitch cast on. The key is in the fact that each set of directions is in the brackets following an instruction, just like any other knitting pattern, the initial directions are written out and the optional or subsequent directions are in the brackets. These are fabulous instructions, I have random balls of all the yarns mentioned here in my stash and now i have a way to use them up! Great job your patterns are wonderful!

  2. It appears that the instructions are backwards from the yarn size. If you are using worsted weight year, it's the smallest, so you would need the larger number of stitches. Bulky yarn is the thickest, so you would use the largest knitting needles and the fewest stitches. At least that's my guess! :-)

    1. yes, I noticed that also. She has the yarn options listed from heaviest to lightest weight, but the instructions go from lightest weight to heaviest weight yarn. I wonder if it is too difficult to correct that, I could see it really confusing new knitters, which would be a shame since the patterns is so wonderful in its simplicity!


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