Nov 2, 2011

purple hats for babies

my friend Nissie on Ravelry is collecting hats for the preemies and babies at her local Kansas hospital. the catch? they're putting all the babies into purple hats for November, and are asking for folks to donate some purple hats!

because i didn't have any sport-weight purple yarn on-hand, i ran to the store a few thursdays ago to grab one skein. one skein turned into three - how could i decide between them?! - and after whipping through a shop order i started whipping through baby hats!

pattern: Basic Infant Hat, by April Moreland
yarn: Baby Bee Sweet Deligh, both Baby and Pomp
hook: size G / 4.0 mm

i loved using this pattern! it works up super fast, even while holding a baby and crocheting simultaneously! plus, the pattern comes with four sizes, so if you make stuff for your local NICU often, every size is definitely covered  here!

i made all twenty of these hats using the "5-6 lb baby" version. as Owen was right in that range when he was born, i wanted to be sure the hospital had plenty in his size!

why purple hats? they're in honor of the "Period Of Purple Crying" program, which helps bring awareness to Shaken Baby Syndrome. for the whole month of November, their hope is to have every baby that comes through the hospital doors wear a purple hat. and with anywhere from 100-150 full term babies each month, that's a lot of purple hats needed!

they still need preemie hats and full-term newborn sized hats (which is what all of mine are), and the color purple doesn't matter. if you've got a bit of purple yarn on-hand and can help us out by knitting or crocheting a few, that would be amazing!

contact me directly ( to get Nissie's address, or if you're on Ravelry you can send her a message directly from her profile page.


  1. Robs, you are such an amazing woman! I think it's awesome that you are always using your talents to help others.

  2. Such beautiful work! Truly.