Nov 1, 2011

working on in october

can you believe october is already over?! yesterday we took Owen out and about dressed as an adorable little monkey (although the costume is a bit too big!), and now we're enjoying snacking on any candy he's given!

i wanted to share a few items that have been making their way through my fingers lately ...
  • a Casey Cowl in charcoal - i made two; one for an order and one for shop photos!
  • hats for babes in a Kansas NICU - more on those later in the week!
  • a Casey Cowl for the shop!
  • a pumpkin hat in black! it was intended for Owen, but ended up a bit too small. hard to believe his noggin is already too big for something!
November will officially be the month of three types of knitting: hats, squares, and shop items. i've got several fun baby-specific items to list in the Minimalist Knits shop in the coming weeks, and a bunch of hats to work off the needles for both charity and gifts. and there's always square knitting to help keep me occupied!

what are your knitting plans for November? don't forget, there's still a HUGE need for hats to be sent to my gal Kathie for the Chicago food pantry near her! sending even one hat to her will help keep a fantastic kid warm this winter season - and they don't call it the "windy city" for nothing!


  1. It is fun to see what you have been knitting, thanks for sharing. I bought the pattern you highlighted yesterday and of course I had to cast on right away. I am surprised how quick of a knit it is, great pattern. Robyn, you make items for so many different charities, do you have a system that you use to assure that items are completed in the time frame that you set for yourself?

  2. I'm working on my 10th hat for the Chicago food pantry! And today I'm going to post about it on my blog.

  3. This reminds me, I did put you up as our November Special Cause on my blog!

  4. What a great idea! I love to crochet hats, but I always feel as if my family must be sick of them! I should contact something in my area like your Chicago food pantry to see where to send them to!!! Thanks! I absolutely LOVE your cowls. AMAZING!!!!!

  5. Beautiful! I just started knitting and am OBSESSED! So glad to have found your blog :)