Nov 23, 2011

three months with Owen

i cannot believe another month has flown by, my little man! so much has happened - you have grown in so many ways, and yet i cannot begin to imagine just how much more growing you've got still to do!

you started out the month a very willing model for me - now at three months you HATE to be disturbed when chewing your hands or talking to your guys (the mobile above your crib) to model something for mama. i have to trick you into it, or strategically cut your face out of photos, thanks to the tears! maybe once you're sitting by yourself this will change, but for now i've let go of the thought of posed photos.

as you've grown from eight to twelve weeks, your faces and expressions have gotten larger. from your man-sized yawns (and burps!) to your surprise when you discovered your hands or that you could interact with the toys on your play gym, your facial expressions have me grabbing for the camera several times a day!

you love to "give me the eyebrows" when on your changing table, as well. the double eyebrow raise, followed by a huge grin and giggle always means something interesting is waiting for us in your pants. and you LOVE to be naked or diaper-only ... you'll sit on your changing pad forever if only you can do so in just a diaper!

Halloween was a blast with you! you love being around as many people as possible, and while you weren't a big fan of your monkey costume, once we got you into just your skeleton sleeper, you showed off your smiles for everyone we saw!

plus, because you were so happy to see everyone, mom and dad got to dine on your candy for weeks! i'm betting we won't have too many years we can sneak that by you before you start hiding your candy from us!

also new this month:
  • sitting up in your bathtub, with help of course! you love to splash the water, and even have a few bath toys.
  • grabbing. you grab at your toys, at dad's glasses, at mama's hair. 
  • easier falling asleep at nap-time. where you used to fight it, once you toss out your third yawn, i turn you sideways in my arms, you snuggle in and are out.
  • bigger clothes!
  • bubbles and a few razzberries! you blow spit bubbles almost constantly now, and dad's teaching you how to razz.
  • you tell us so many stories with your coos and sounds. granted, you don't have words yet, but you are definitely saying something important every time!

it has been a month of discovery for you - from the water in your bathtub (which you LOVE splashing!) to your hands (the perfect chewing toys) to the toys on your play gym, as you've opened your clenched fists you've realized just how much there is to touch and grab.

here's to watching you discover snow, learning how fun it can be to be awake for longer stretches, and hopefully sleeping through the night more often than not ... you still love your 2am bottle! here's to more time spent with your play gym, more big yawns and stretches, and fun hand-knits for winter!

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