Dec 8, 2011

dear internet, love Owen

oh, hai there internet.

so sorry for making my mom a bit crazy towards the end of last week! i was so busy learning new things that i decided they were more important than sleep - i keep forgetting mom actually needs sleep sometimes or she gets a slightly crazy look in her eyes, and daddy needs to step in!

but i love her to pieces, and so i've decided to get back to sleeping, starting with a 36-hour marathon sleep session, beginning with a 4-hour nap at grandma's house, separated only by an appearance at trivia (gotta represent!) and culminating with 12 hours of nighttime sleep followed up by a 3-hour nap!

mom said thanks with lots of kisses, and i still know how to beat tummy time at it's evil game!!

this weekend, i plan to learn to walk. wish me luck!

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