Dec 9, 2011

remember this

:: You smile with your entire face, almost all day long. But whenever I want to take a photo of you, you make the above face. I have HUNDREDS of photos of you making that exact face!

:: Your father and I have eaten at least three bags of Hershey's Kisses with Almonds in the last two weeks. We may need an intervention.

:: Every morning you get up at 6am, almost on the dot, and then you have some super amazing snuggle time with your dad. If I remember to (and want to crawl out of bed!) I get a nice hot shower in before dad has to start getting ready for his day. Usually we end up spending most of the day in our pajamas because I don't do this, and you love pjs as much as I do!

:: You wake up crabby, just like your mom. But that means we get snuggle time after each and every nap, while you come to grips with the fact that you are in fact awake.

:: Your left foot gets DECIDEDLY stinkier than your right. I cannot explain it.

:: When I make you a 4oz bottle, you drink it down and act hungry for more. When I make you a 5oz bottle, you don't even finish 3oz.

:: You love to stand, bearing weight on your straight legs until the little muscles start to shake with fatigue - and you still protest when we try to get you to stop!

:: Despite practicing minimalism for almost two years now, I look around our home and still see a mountain of stuff. I want to tame that in 2012 to a much larger degree, so you do not grow up surrounded by things, but with the idea that less is indeed more.

:: You only ever want to play with four things - your guys (the mobile above your crib, which you will talk to for 20 minutes at a time), your caterpillar ball, your Grandma Mimi rattle, and your shaky turtle.

:: While you still wear 0-3 months clothes, you are FINALLY starting to grow out of a few, but only in length. They all still bag around your skinny minny tummy, and your pants fall down while still somehow managing to be floods simultaneously.

:: You love to go to trivia (at Buffalo Wild Wings) and hang like a champ the entire time we're there. As an added bonus, you are seriously good luck to whoever is holding you, and so you get passed around the table to folks wanting to sneak ahead.

:: You are almost four months old. I cannot remember what life was like without you, and at the same time I can't figure out how four months have already passed.

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