Jan 12, 2012

005 // little things

pattern: Bailey Hat, from Jane Richmond
yarn: Patons Classic Wool, one full skein (210 yards)
needles: sizes US 7 / 4.5mm and US 9 / 5.5mm 16" circular needles and size US 9 / 5.5mm dpns
made for: Sara Schimmel

I love how the little moments in our days have been standing out so strong lately. Am I noticing more, or are they shining brighter -don't know, and don't really care! A few things I've been noticing lately:

// Owen's smiles first thing in the morning, after a full night's sleep.

// Zach getting up with Owen even though it's early, so I can get a bit of extra sleep; instead of sleeping I lay there and listen to their daddy/son conversations.

// The half hour before nap-time, Owen is Mr. Snuggles. All curled up on mama's shoulder and petting my hair.

// Standing by the front door for 30 minutes, watching the snow fall. After a week of ridiculously warm temps and long walks, winter may have finally come to Omaha.

// Starting a new exercise routine and the sore muscles it brings. 15 minutes, in the family room, 30 days. I think I can commit to that!

// Cuddling on the couch after Owen goes to bed, watching How I Met Your Mother and talking about how awesome our son is. Laughing at how "boring" we've become, spending our evenings talking about how Owen almost rolls from his back to tummy now, and how great it is that he loves trying new foods.

// As for this version of the Bailey Hat, i definitely love it in solid black! So much so that I've added it as a MADE TO ORDER hat available in my shop (which will be getting a face-lift in the next few weeks for sure) (and which, because the pattern is one created by Jane Richmond, I made sure I had permission to do first)!


  1. I love getting your posts each day. Our son Jackson (born 8/16) is just a week older and every one of your posts sounds like our life. It's comforting.

    Here's to being boring. And happy.

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