favorite things: the swing

Grandma Mimi (who used to run a tremendous at-home day care) has hooks in her deck for baby swings. Always has, and probably always will!The weather here has been so nice she grabbed one of the swings out of her garage and set it up for Owen.

All it took was one push, and he was giggling and screeching as the swing went back and forth! He loved it so much he started to ride it with his arms up in the air like it was a roller coaster!

Dad is figuring out how to hook one up at our house too, so Owen and I can swing our days away this spring and summer. Anything that will get us outside most of the day and keep him happy and entertained for at least 30 minutes is a win in my book!

{I also love how he's rocking his handmade hat in 75 degree weather, and it's inside out AND backwards. Oops!}