My Name Is Humpty, Pronounced With An Umpty - A Few Free Hats!

Back on March 1, I posted a photo of Owen in the shirt his Auntie Sarah made for him, and asked if you all could guess our favorite song. I offered up a free hat for those who could, and two of you guessed right!

We rock out to The Humpty Dance around here!

True Story #1: The first time I knew, knew without a doubt, that I was in love with Zach? We were at Thursday night karaoke, and he was on "stage" rapping The Humpty Dance. My tall, blonde-haired, nerdy boyfriend knew all the words, had people dancing around the bar, and shone like a super star. I remember thinking, "Wow. I just love this man!"

True Story #2: At our wedding, after a few hours of dancing, we had karaoke. And to kick things off right, my new husband sang me The Humpty Dance.


True Story #3: Right after Zach sang was done, my brother Dan Rick-Rolled our wedding!!!


HTR and MelanieJennifer, you two guessed right! E-mail me at to claim your free hats!


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