seven months with Owen

Happy seven months, my dear boy! 

This month you've all but mastered sitting up! You love to hang out on the floor all day playing with your favorite toys (which of course switch out depending on the day). Once a week or so you'll fling yourself backwards and bump your head, but whenever we put the Boppy behind you, you just pull it towards your face so you can chew on it, and then fling backwards once it's not behind you.

We also started using your stroller without your car seat in it. You look like such a peanut, but love to look out at the world around you. Thanks to some of the nicer weather we've had, we've been able to walk to the park a few times, and earlier in the week we met your friend Jack at the mall and walked around while it rained and rained outside!

You love love love to be outside, and protest wildly when we bring you inside! Sitting in the grass, hanging out in your exer-saucer while we sit on the porch or swinging at grandma Mimi's - you're not picky, just as long as you're outside!

Last weekend you had hives, scaring the crap out of mom and dad. Turns out the meds they had you on for your second ear infection ended up causing you to break out as soon as the infection was gone. the photo above is actually before the worst of the hives showed up.

We ended up in urgent care twice last weekend, once on Thursday night and once on Friday night. After several doses of Motrin, Benadryl and even a few of some steroids the hives worked their way out of your system. You never itched them, but you were certainly tired of them by the end of it all!


It's been quite an eventful month with you, little man. You topped off the month by rolling off your changing table.


You are fine, you were always fine. I freaked out for like an hour. Thankfully you landed on me and not the floor - I was bending over getting jammies out of the bottom drawer of the dresser (which is also your changing table) and you decided that you needed to roll over. Poor timing - suddenly you were on my back and somersaulting towards the floor!

Slow motion style I grabbed onto you and caught you before you hit the floor. You cried out in surprise but that was it - I freaked out repeatedly for at least an hour, which you laughed at.

{Yes, I strap you down now}

Before I know it you'll be crawling - you already reach for everything out of arm's way and get it most of the time, so it won't be long before you decide you need to be more mobile than rolling allows for. Until then I'm enjoying sitting on the floor with you, playing with blocks and rings, and dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba!