Apr 6, 2012

at the park

Between super hot days and super cold days, Owen and I haven't made it out and about near as much in the last week or so as we'd have liked. So on Thursday, as soon as his morning nap was done, we put on an extra layer and a hat and headed down the street a few blocks to the park.

Knowing how much he loves the swing at Grandma Mimi's house, I knew the swings at the park would be a big hit. And despite his face in these photos, it truly was. He actually giggled and laughed for quite some time before settling in and just relaxing.

Mad face? Never! This is his about to fall asleep face, actually!

After about 30 minutes of swinging, we packed up and headed back home. Truly, Owen would have stayed in that swing for another hour or two ... I know we'll be spending many more hours this spring and summer on these same swings.

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