Apr 16, 2012

Spring Game 2012 and Hat Dreams

This past weekend, we followed our annual tradition of heading out to Lincoln for the Nebraska Huskers Spring Game. Most college football teams open one spring practice up a year to the general public - it's a way for hardcore fans to check out some of the incoming talent, for the press to get a look at what's going on with the team, and for high school recruits to see what the team is all about.

Most schools average 5,000 - 15,000 fans in attendance. Nebraska averages 70,000 to 80,000.

This year we were all set to bring Owen down; it's a family-friendly event, and while we knew we wouldn't do as much (any) drinking, and we probably wouldn't see the entire game, it would be the beginning of a fun family tradition.

And then the rains came.

Thankfully, we knew they'd be coming before we headed to Lincoln, so we didn't bring Owen along. But we still thought we might get a few plays in before they had to call the game - not so. The rains poured down, then the lightning hit, and finally the game was cancelled.

While we waited for a break in the weather, we drank.

Ah, Elk Creek - last year I couldn't partake, and while I'm not the biggest drinker, I love to have an Elk Creek or two before a game. The bartenders won't tell you what's in it, but there's something orange (juice? Tang?) and there's Seven-Up we think. And every alcohol they can think of.

Once our pitchers of "juice" were done, we headed off to have a few wings. Traditionally we head to the Watering Hole, and this weekend was no exception. The boys ordered 60 wings, Wendy and I each ordered our own thing, and we hunkered in to eat our sadness at no Spring Game away.

And then it happened.Ndamukong Suh walked into the bar.

Legendary Husker defensive lineman, 2nd draft pick in the 2010 draft, current Detroit Lion. Suh is an amazing football player, and one of the few folks that can make my husband get star struck.

Oh, and he's on my Hat Dreams list.

I have a list of folks I'd love to knit hats for, mostly famous people (famous for a variety of things) that I have almost no chance of meeting. Ever. And there was Suh, eating some wings with some friends. And I chickened out!

Granted, I'm sure he wouldn't have appreciated some random gal walking up and asking if she could knit him a hat. Still ... I'm betting if Colin Wright had been me, he'd have done it!

I did manage to send a tweet into the universe about it, mentioning Suh on the off-chance he'll see it and think it would be fun. Either way, it was a fun day - good food, good friends, and a football celebrity sighting!

Would you have walked up to him, handed him your card, and offered to knit him a hat if you were me? I'd love to know!

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