Apr 18, 2012

Week In The Life starts next week!

Every year when Ali Edwards gets her online community to participate in Week In The Life, I think I'll do it. Last year I finally caved and joined in, documenting my photos and words via the blog. It was July, and Owen was born just a month later - what a great set of memories to have!

Last year I was working, getting ready for babe. This year, he is here - and in a big way! And I am lucky to be staying home with him, which means I will have an entirely different documentation this year - how fun!

Week In The Life is a great way to get those little details of your everyday life documented so you'll remember them. Most of us snap at least a photo or two during bigger events (birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc), but so many of us forget that the little bits of our days are the things we most want to remember as the days and years go by. A Week In The Life is the perfect way to get all those little bits remembered so years from now you can look back and say, "Oh, yes!"

I am by no means a scrapbooker, but I love documenting bits of our daily life with my camera. Most of the time I just share it here, but I'm starting to look at Week In The Life as a way to take it a step further and share it with our family in a more permanent way.

How I'll Be Participating:

Once again I'll be documenting digitally. Between our big camera and Instagram, I'm hoping to get tons of shots next week of our full and amazing life. I'm also hoping to take both last year's documentation and this year's documentation and turn them into photo books - I love the idea of having a shelf lined with Week In The Life albums!

I'll be snapping photos from Sunday through Saturday this year - I'm attending two baby showers during that time, and I want to be sure to document this fun time in the lives of my friends and family! You can participate from Sunday to Saturday, Monday to Sunday, or any other combination of days that works for you!

For those of you new to the idea, here is a list of some of the things I hope to capture this year:

trips to the park
knitting, both in progress and done
two different baby showers!
our morning routine
our nighttime routine
what we're eating
where we go
how we play
what we're wearing
friends and family

Use this as a time to capture favorite toys, how your house is decorated, school routines, and more! Last year I captured gas prices and our trips to our birthing classes.

You can also (and I plan to) do a few "highlights" pages (idea from Nettio Designs). Highlights pages can include things that are popular in the world, your country, state, city or family; they can be the clothes you wore throughout the week or the food you ate. I'd love to get a "highlights" page for each family member, one for what's popular in entertainment right now, one for what I've worn that week (maybe) and one for Owen's food.

And if you're considering playing along, here's some links to help you get started:

My Week In The Life from 2011
Ali's post about her Week In The Life preparations for this year
Ali's post on The Basics Of Documenting A Week in your Life (from 2010)
Ali's downloadable daily sheets to help you keep track of your words (great post as well)

One last thing - take a look at an amazing digital book (created with Blurb, which I also plan to use) for A Week In The Life. Be sure to check out all her posts about documenting her WITL, actually - her thoughts on documenting a week when there's lots of sameness to her days was super helpful to me!

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