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Have I mentioned yet how much I love knitting has for guys? Forget the fact that they tend towards simpler hats in neutral colors - if you make a hat for a guy that he loves, he'll wear it until it wears out. When I contacted Joshua and Ryan of The Minimalists about making hats, they were specific about what they wanted (grey for Joshua, blue for Ryan, wool for both) and not shy about the fact that they weren't always hat people. So when they got their hats, Joshua's tweet said it all:
I'm generally not a hat person (can't mess up the hair), but I just got the nicest wool hat I've ever owned from @SheMakesHats. It's great.
Boom. Shaka. Laka. I used Jane Richmond's Joe Hat pattern, minus the turned over brim, for both hats. I love the simplicity of this hat pattern, the gorgeous decreases, and how perfectly it fits. Much love to these two men for modeling wool hats in the midst of warm May weather - that's commitment to your hats, guys! If you're interested, I've got hats just like these listed in the She Makes Hats Shop - they're knit in a wool/acrylic blend for the shop, and you can order one in a wide variety of colors! If Joshua's glowing testimony is any indication, this would be a great gift for Father's Day, a birthday, or just because!


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