Oct 4, 2012

Charity: Water Hats Revealed!

I finished up the 34 hats for charity: Water a few weeks ago and shipped them out amidst the craziness of Hat-Tember 2012. When Jordan (one of the interns, and my contact) e-mailed to say the hats had been received, I couldn't have been happier. So when she said I had been featured at their weekly staff meeting, and shared a few pictures of the staff excitedly wearing their hats, I was elated!

I love what charity: Water does - they bring clean drinking water to folks who would otherwise have to walk hours upon hours for it, if there was any to be had at all. Some of the most preventable deaths happen due to lack of clean water, and charity: Water is helping save lives, one well at a time.

 It was so nice to connect with Jordan - she's a rock star for sure, jumping on board with this crazy idea from the minute I suggested it! When the box of hats arrived in New York, Jordan even featured me and the hats in their weekly staff meeting - the photos above were taken afterwards, when everyone got their hats! And then I got a few tweets ...
from @paullyoung: @shemakeshats thanks for sending awesome beanies to @charitywater! I just shaved my head, so you'll be looking after me this fall!

and from @gracehaeko: @shemakeshats Thank you for knitting such awesome beanies for @charitywater! Beanies usually don't fit my big head, but this one's perfect!

and from @jbrookesbaker: @shemakeshats I believe @gracehaeko just called you her "hat hero" ;)
Love it! Loved the project, love charity: Water! Thanks to every one of the 34 folks that do what they do to bring clean drinking water to folks around the world ...

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