Oct 2, 2012

hat-tember 2012 // i want to remember

Can you believe Hat-Tember 2012 is already over?! While I'm happy to be knitting and crocheting other things now (working with the same hat pattern for a full month can get a bit repetitive, to be sure!)

I am still in awe of the fact that I actually did it! I'm super excited to get back into the swing of things, and just in time for fall no less! There's holidays to plan for, fun craft projects with the little now that he's starting to be big enough for them, different hat patterns to try ... so many exciting plans and lists already brewing I can't even begin to express my excitement!

But before I jump into October and fall, there are so many things I want to remember from Hat-Tember 2012!

I want to remember the excitement of starting the project.

I want to remember gathering all my yarn, and Owen helping by tossing it all back out of the yarn box as fast as I could stuff it in!

 I want to remember Zach's face when i asked him to take a set of photos every day for a month!

 I want to remember just how good my husband is at taking pictures. I take that for granted, but this little blog wouldn't run as well without him snapping photos like he does!  

I want to remember carrying yarn and a crochet hook with me everywhere - to work, in the car, family gatherings, even a weekend away.

 I want to remember the days when it was hard - a sick kiddo, days so hot I didn't even want to be outside much less wearing a hat, and those dark circles from lack of sleep making me wish I could use Photoshop better!

 I want to remember Owen running around the yard while we took pictures each evening, and all the fun photos we have of him going down the slide, mowing the lawn and singing so loud.  

I want to remember how easy it got to snap photos. We got into a rhythm and could knock out 10 shots or so in 30 seconds or less! Good to remember as we figure out how and when to take hat photos in the coming months.  

I want to remember that I ended up crocheting 3990 yards of yarn!  

I want to remember I can do impossible things. Crocheting a hat a day in September definitely did not seem like something I could do. I had a huge list of "must do's" that were going to get in the way (not to mention all sorts of things come up that I wasn't expecting), but every day I put hook to yarn and made a hat. Good reminder that I can do so much more than I think I can!


Post inspired by the lovely posts that Elise Cripe and Ali Edwards did. These two always remind me to save my memories as often as I can - I'll thank myself for it someday!

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