Oct 21, 2012

chicago for the weekend


over the weekend we took a quick trip to Chicago, just the hubs and i, to see Nebraska barely beat Northwestern. we sat so close to the sideline that Zach ended up on television, screaming his head off for all the world to see!

over the course of 60 hours or so, i managed to knit two hats, one sleeve, half of another sleeve and start a holiday present. i also gifted a red hat to a friend, so i'm now at 203 hats!

and i got to thinking about this space. what would i share here if no one showed up? and the truth of the matter is, not much. shop updates, photo bombs like this one, but that's about it. don't get concerned, i'm not going anywhere. it was just refreshing to not have my fingers on a keyboard for three whole days, to use my phone to document our time (and love every minute of it) and to just .... be.

i love using my camera (and instagram ... i'm "shemakeshats") to document our days. photos of knitting and owen dominate my thoughts and my phone, and that's okay with me. i don't know that i want all the stuff that comes with having a well-known blog, an editorial schedule, thousands (or millions!) of readers who expect certain things from you .... i'm happy with my phone, my needles and those of you who show up here.

it was a good trip ... down time is always nice, and our first trip away without Owen went better than expected. we loved the game (most of it!) and loved spending time with friends. and who can have a bad time in Chicago?!

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