hats on people: Maggie and Hank Mason

Oct 24, 2012

way back in July i decided to share a dream ... a dream team, to be exact. in two posts (post one, post two) i got bold and called out to the universe the folks i'd love to send hats to. and then i got even more bold, and started sending out e-mails.

because you can tell the universe that you want to put 10,000 hats on 10,000 people, and you can tell the universe that you've got a dream team of folks you'd love to send hats to, but unless you get off your keister and start sending those hats, nothing will happen.

so i e-mailed Maggie Mason, the mightiest gal i know. i figured she'd never get back to me, or maybe get back to me in a year or two, busy lady that she is. less than a day later, she responded, super excited to get a hat not just for herself, but one for her son Hank as well! the universe is such a fun lady! Maggie and Hank got their hats, and just last night Maggie even shared the 10,000 hats project on her blog - more than i ever could have asked for!

if you don't already know Maggie, head on over to her site ... and be ready for inspiration! she'll encourage you to set up a life list and to do mighty things with your days - who doesn't need more mighty in their lives? and if you're in the Palm Springs area november 15-17, there's a few spots left for Camp Mighty - it's going to be a blast, i'd bet!

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