Oct 29, 2012

my big, fat, giant christmas list for 2012

As of today, there are 8 weeks (and a half) until Christmas morning. People that is not a lot of time! And because I am nothing if not a thief, I am totally cribbing African Kelli’s Christmas plan and making it my own!

Thanks to folks placing orders left and right in the shop, I know I’ll be spending much of my time filling orders over the next eight weeks. I don’t want that to get in the way of our family’s holiday time though. And I definitely don’t want to be the crazy lady trying to address Christmas cards on the 18th, praying they get to everyone by the 25th.

So a list, broken down by week. Kelli gives herself an hour a day for holiday stuff – I like the way she thinks, but also know I may not have that every day. So some days I’ll be doing smaller tasks, and many days I’ll be pulling my hair out that I didn’t do anything at all!

  • Wrap presents as I find or finish them. Tag them and set on shelves in our bedroom closet so they can be placed under the tree in early December.
  • Listen to tons of Christmas music.
  • Take pictures of everything. Post-date posts for the blog about knitted presents, so I can share them after folks have received them.
  • Shop orders.

Week 1 (October 29):
  • Get the gift list spreadsheet going. Fill out with all handmade presents. (done 10/29)
  • List out necessary supplies for presents, and use from stash as much as possible. Separate supplies into bags – one for each present – so I can have everything I need for that present ready to get worked on.
  • Try to get a cute photo of the three of us for holiday cards.
  • Knit one dark blue hat for post office guys.
  • Work on pop-up shop hats.

Week 2 (November 5):
  • Update gift spreadsheet if I’ve found “the perfect present” for anyone.
  • Wrap any knitting I’ve managed to finish, tag it, and set it aside.
  • Try (again) to get a cute photo of the three of us for holiday cards.
  • Post to blog and shop the official holiday shop timeline – make sure I tell folks what the last day is for ordering something to get it before Christmas.
  • Knit second dark blue hat for post office guys.
  • Work on pop-up shop hats.

Week 3 (November 12):
  • Try one last time to get a cute photo of the three of us for holiday cards. If that fails, use one of the thousand cute photos I have of Owen and call it good.
  • Order Christmas cards.
  • Begin working on international gifts.
  • Drop off stuff for pop-up shop.
  • Knit third dark blue hat for post office guys.

Week 4 (November 19):
  • Pick up holiday themed stamps at the post office.
  • Drop off cookies and hand knits to post office employees. They’ll need the cheer in the coming weeks.
  • Address and stamp all Christmas cards.
  • Finish knitting international gifts.

Week 5 (November 26):
  • Mail all Christmas cards.
  • Decorate the house the day after Thanksgiving.
  • Assess holiday decorations, and make a list of what you can pick up this year.
  • Mail international gifts.
  • Find child-care for the birthday party extravaganza.
  • Begin Handmade Holidays posting as I have time/projects.

Week 6 (December 3):
  • Figure out holiday party schedule (if there is one) and coordinate child care where necessary.
  • Mail gifts that can’t be hand delivered.
  • Finish Zach’s sweater.
  • Finish Wendy’s birthday present.
  • Find a cute outfit for the birthday party.

Week 7 (December 10):
  • Make presents for Devine side and set aside for Xmas Eve party.
  • Stress out that I haven’t made any of the handmade gifts on my list, so start them now.
  • Enjoy Zach and Wendell’s birthday party!
  • Handmade craft with Owen #1.
  • Handmade craft with Owen #2.

Week 8 (December 17):
  • Baked goods for the house, neighbors, and family.
  • Start a list of thing we’ve received for sending out thank you cards between Christmas and New Year.
  • Handmade craft with Owen #3.
  • Handmade craft with Owen #4.
Whew! That's a lot to get done in eight weeks. I'll be heading back here to cross things off this list (and link to posts where I share - when applicable - as the weeks progress).

Have you started thinking about the holidays yet?

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