Dec 5, 2012

4 simple goals :: december update

About a month ago, I shared four simple goals I was hoping to tackle between November 1 and the beginning of 2013.  A month later, I'm happy to show back up here and say I've made quite a bit of progress!

1 // Complete or delete all open project pages on Ravelry. As of today I've gotten my "in process" projects down from over 30 to less than 10! Several of these will be completed before the end of the year (holiday presents!) so that number should drop to just two or three.

Looking ahead, as I am known to do, I realize I may actually start adding projects to this list again in the next couple of weeks. I'm deep in organizational mode for the start of 2013, and part of that means plotting my first few (dozen) knits for the year! However, I am completing projects that have been on the list to do for quite some time now ... I  consider this goal complete!

2 // Cook five "new to me" meals. Um ...... does microwaving store-bought pulled pork count?

3 // Read three more books. My renasaince with books has continued unabated, and for this I am incredibly grateful! Since the beginning of November I have devoured at least three books (see my full book list here) and have a few more virtually stacked up for the next few weeks. I've been switching between YA fiction and some great newly published non-fiction, and am excited to share some of my favorite parts (like I did for A Day In The Life Of A Minimalist) on the blog.

4 // Exercise at least once a week. Oh man did I ignore this goal for a full three weeks! Exercise is one of the hardest things for me to add to my schedule (I love sitting on the couch far too much), but when I realized my "I'm sick of wearing maternity pants now that I'm not pregnant but none of my old jeans fit yet" jeans were starting to feel snug, I knew it was time to jump into action.

For just over a week now I've been in the throes of The 30 Day Shred. It's quite literally kicking my butt, and I couldn't be happier. This means I'm working out not just once a week but once a day, for just 20 minutes of hellish jumping and weight lifting (and not a little cursing at Jillian, I'm embarassed to say). I already feel like a new woman!


Did you set "end of the year" goals for yourself or your family? How are they coming? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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