Dec 10, 2012

reaching my hat-tember goal

Do you remember this day? I sure do - it was the day I completed my Hat-Tember goal and made 30 hats in 30 days!

Back in August, my friend Joel Runyan commited to building a school through Pencils Of Promise. This meant he was commiting to raising $25,000 in just five months! As part of raising the money, he committed to running an ultra-marathon - that's just crazy pants to me! Almost immediately folks jumped on board, starting their own "Impossible Projects" to help raise moeny.

For my part, I committed to making a hat a day in September - 30 hats, 30 days. All the hats were sent to the St. Cyprian's branch of the Chicago Food Pantry, and I asked folks to donate $25 per hat - that would mean I'd raise $750 for the project.

September came, went, I made a hat each day, and folks donated in amazing numbers! However, I have yet to reach my goal. I'm currently sitting at $550 - just $200 away from my goal. And with Joel's goal just $6,000 short - and 22 days to finish raising the money - I'm asking folks if they won't join in the challenge and help me (and Joel!) build a school!

 If you've already donated, that's so amazing and I want to say thank you so much! For those of you that are new to this space, and as such new to the project, won't you consider taking a look back through the Hat-Tember archives, checking out all the hats I made, and consider helping us build a school in Guatemala? Even $5 would help immensely!

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