a few holiday hats

One of my favorite things is to make hats for family. When I first started to make hats, I'm pretty sure my family didn't really want me to foist my wares on them. But as the years have progressed I get a few requests here and a few requests there, and have found I've gifted a hat to just about everyone in the family.

Take these two crazy kids as an example. Both teenagers, at the height of what I remember to be a time when you wanted to wear only what was considered super cool, these two asked me to make them hats. Forget the fact that they're both taller than me (WHAT?!?!?!) or that my kid thinks they're both ten thousand times cooler than me ... they asked ME to make them hats!

Made to their specifications (hers is the Tyson Hat, his is the Sandoval Hat), they both loved their hats and I'm hoping they'll wear them often. And even if they never wear them again, I'll always remember seeing hand-knits on their heads for at least a few hours on Christmas!