Dec 27, 2012

my word for 2013


I'm terrible at kindness. Which ... I know. I knit hats and give them away, that's pretty kind. But here's the truth -

I am terrible at being kind with my words.
I am terrible at being kind with my thoughts.
I am terrible at being the most kind those those closest to me.

I am sarcastic and snotty. I get downright mean when I'm hungry or tired, and I have THE WORST road rage. Probably ever. (i've been known to lean across from the passenger seat to honk the horn at folks.)

But I am a wife. I am a mama. And I cannot continue to operate without kindness, especially with those two important roles on my CV. I want those closest to me to remember my kind words, my kind smile, my kind deeds done towards them and for them.

So in 2013, I am focusing on kindness above all else.

After all, "It is our choices, after all, that show us who we really are, far more than our abilities." (A. Dumbledore)


  1. Your blogs have always carried an undertone of kindness, compassion, and underlined a giving spirit. You already have it inside you, all you need to do is be mindful and externalize that. I'm sure you will excel!

  2. Dear Robyn you are much to hard on yourself, you are a very kind person and you show it to everyone, all the time. Okay, I'll give you the road rage needs work! As someone in your life you kindness is already showing. Love you!
    Aunt Patty

  3. Man, I am so challenged by this. I'm with you - kindness, especially in my thoughts, is going to be my goal this year.