Jan 3, 2013

for a minimalist, you sure do have a lot of hats!

pattern: Sandoval Hat, made without a brim
yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool, approximately 84 yards
needles: size US 9 / 5.5 mm circs and dpns

Just under a year ago, I offered to knit hats for The Minimalists. After they figured out my e-mail wasn’t just their friend screwing with them (apparently offers for free hats sound like spam?) they jumped on board.

Two hats mailed, one hat stolen (and replaced) and now another hat is needed, this time to be a second hat for Josh. It’s flattering to be known for making good hats. I’ve got folks asking to be part of my project in some way, people commenting on how they never take my hats off, and people who never thought they looked good in hats wearing two and three of the hats I’ve made for them.

And when someone who has edited down their life to only that which they feel is essential to their best life thinks that not just one but TWO hats is what is needed? I am bowled over.

And so, with a few tweaks to the original hat he requested and a quick dive into my stash for some cream wool, and a second hat was started and finished in under a day. A good start to the new year!

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