Jan 9, 2013

the last of the 2012 hats


As 2013 has already begun, I figure it might be time to wrap up the rest of the hats I made in 2012! These are the few remaining stragglers, -- at least one blurry photo, and at least two I don't even have photos for, but hats that were made nonetheless.

Over the holiday season I sold some hats at a local boutique, Odd Bird Collective. I didn't count them before I brought them over to sell (well, I thought I did, but I know I counted wrong), and the three pictured at the top are the only three that didn't find homes. They'll be headed off in my next box to Chicago.

I sent a hat each to my brother Dan (not pictured) and his girlfriend Amanda (happy in her red slouchy Amanda hat) for Christmas. These were in addition to the hats I made for my other two brothers (pictured here). Rumor has it both Dan and Amanda love their hats ... I'm hoping they'll send me a shot of the two of them together in them so I can share it!

And finally, a blurry photo of a Black Diamonds hat I sent out last spring, and no photo of a slouchy grey hat I sent out last summer (before I got good at taking non-blurry shots of every hat I made). Both hats were sent off to keep folks warm, and if I ever have shots of them in their hats I'll share them here as well.

I'm almost 100% positive that cleans up all the hats I sent out in 2012, although if I have anymore stragglers I'll share them for sure!
And I'm practicing taking non-blurry shots with my camera ... it is hard, apparently!

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